Career Coaching

Helping clients build more fulfilling careers that lead to growth, development and that align their professional journeys with their goals and values.

Career Coaching is focused on helping clients reach their goals.

Goose Creek Consulting offers offers both short-term and long-term models of career coaching that is focused on helping clients reach their goals. Career coaching clients can include anyone from those who are early in their careers or who are trying to determine what to study to those who are making career transitions and executives seeking to enhance their professional development.

Based on each client’s life circumstances and their desired outcomes, the best approaches are discussed during intake and the initial session.

Career Coaching clients want to have the most fulfilling career that involves growth, development and satisification.

Goose Creek Coaching offers low-cost vocational, career and job testing, including the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory, among others.

Goose Creek Coaching offers career testing and consultations for teenagers headed off to college or the workforce, and adults undergoing career transitions. Our career program uses consultations and testing on skills, aptitudes, motivations and interests, and combines that with the latest information on the academic world and job market to provide job- and career-matching by our certified life coaches.

We also look at collateral factors, such as work environments, learning styles, team orientation, personality type and other factors relevant to finding the best position.

Career Coaching is a client-driven process, that helps clients fashion their career path and execute on their goals.

Coaches work with clients to identify the best career fields and professional objectives and how to meet those goals. Career Coaching is a partnership that helps individuals obtain promotions, make career changes and identify areas of academic study.

Resume Writing

Certified resume writers work in partnership with clients by getting to know the client and their goals. Certified resumes writer use their insight to help develop resumes that accurately and effectively showcase the client. Certified resume writers also assist with creating cover letters and other materials that support the goals of clients.