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Outsmarting Your ADHD At College

By Peggy Maslanka  Like ADHD itself, college life tempts with irresistible distractions and inviting risks, so trying to cope with ADHD symptoms in such an environment might be more difficult than you expect. When a distraction, such as a party,

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Mindfulness Coaching for ADHD

By Peggy Maslanka Our neighbor, Adam, who may have undiagnosed ADHD, is a wine enthusiast. His practical enjoyment of this hobby would greatly increase, I believe, if he obtained ADHD coaching that included mindfulness training. Like many people with ADHD,

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Why Coaching is the Best Option for ADHD

By Peggy Maslanka Recently, I attended a party where one guest, I’ll call her Susan, exhibited some ADHD behavior. It was raining as Susan was leaving the party, and this inspired the hostess to share with her a story about

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