Closer Personal Relationships Could Help Teens Overcome Learning Disabilities

The following article notes that strong relationships with parents, teachers and others can improve the success of those who suffer learning disabilities. An obvious finding one would think, but it is nevertheless  important to find a study supports such a conclusion.

“Feb. 28, 2013 — In addition to struggling in school, many learning disabled children are known to face social and emotional challenges including depression, anxiety, and isolation. Often beginning early in childhood, they become more pronounced during adolescence, an emotionally turbulent time.

For these youngsters, more positive relationships with the significant adults in their lives — including parents and teachers — can improve learning and “socioemotional” experiences, says Dr. Michal Al-Yagon of Tel Aviv University’s Jaime and Joan Constantiner School of Education. In a recent study published in the Journal of Youth and Adolescence, she reported that teens with learning disabilities were less likely to have secure attachment relationships to their mothers and teachers compared to peers without learning disabilities.”

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