Coaching the Whole Person: The Science of Personality Podcast

I recently had an awesome chance to be on the Hogan Assessments Systems podcast, The Science of Personality, to discuss Coaching the Whole Person. Hogan is a rebound personality assessment provider that each year is used by dozens of Fortune 500 companies and others and assess nearly 10 million people per year. Hogan’s assessments challenged conventional wisdom and behavioral change amount leaders and is used in talent strategy, leadership development and selection.

Aligned with Goose Creek’s values, I discussed how the coaching profession has long said that it focuses on the whole person, but the mental health of my clients during the pandemic suggested that coaches haven’t been doing the best job of practicing that approach. The discussion with Ryne Sherman, Hogan’s Chief Science Officer, and Blake Lepp, its resident storyteller, is one of the most engaging conversations I have had about the science of coaching the whole person.

The crux of the conversation centers on how personality traits can derail us during times of stress and with coaching, therapy and other calibration they can be dialed down to help us become successful. We look at the anxiety and mental health issues that have presented themselves in the pandemic and discuss how addressing them is critical to good coaching.

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