Facilitated World Mental Health Day Discussion at the National Science Foundation

As someone who cares deeply about mental health, I was excited to join Goose Creek Coaching and Consulting‘s partners at National Science Foundation (NSF) to discuss our mental health during the pandemic. It has been 18 months of trauma for many of us. I’m hoping to kick off a discussion about how our lives can derail when we are under stress or when we begin psychologically distancing from our pain and what we can do about it. Thanks to my friend, Macey Cox, the founder of NSF’s Mental Health Advocates Employee Resource Group, for the invite! Here are some resources about what NSF to focus on the well-being of their employees https://bit.ly/3iNs9K0, and some resources on the research they do that impacts psychological health.

I had the opportunity to discuss my career at The New York Times and my transition into life coaching and running Goose Creek Consulting, including the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder on employees in the wake of COVID-19 and other tragedies and how to address mental health issues in the modern workplace. We discussed how managers can help address mental health issues in the most supportive way, how employees can advocate for themselves

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