Feedback that Gives a Snapshot in Time and a Motion Picture

We have had amazing results combining the results of the Hogan Assessments, from Hogan Assessment Systems, with 360-degree assessments to give leaders a snapshot of how they appear to others in their current context and a motion picture review of how they have shown up in the past, how they do in the present and how they will in the future.

There is a great value in 360-degree multi-rater feedback where you gain the perception of your managers, peers, reports and stakeholders. But they are limited because of their very value — they give you a snapshot in your current job role and organization’s culture and context. The Hogan Assessment adds to that by being able to predict how you would appear in other roles and contexts. I had a great opportunity today to write for Hogan’s blog on the topic.

I included some tips for debriefers to make the process most effective for clients.

Together, they can provide powerful feedback and build great roadmaps for development.

– Jayson

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