Goose Creek Launches The Silver Linings Handbook Podcast

 We’re excited to announce that Goose Creek has officially launched The Silver Linings Handbook. This interview-based podcast explores psychology, the workplace breaking the mold and conventions to live better lives.

The Silver Linings Handbook is hosted by Goose Creek Consulting’s Managing Partner, Jayson Blair, an expert in mental health, personality and leadership development. Jayson will engage with thought leaders in various fields to explore challenges and trends related to psychology, culture, leadership, mental health and work.

“I have found my purpose in helping people over the past 20 years and am surrounded by a group of people who are dedicated to doing that,” Jayson said. “Now, we have an opportunity to bring the benefits of that work, the wisdom of the people we have met and their perspectives to a broader group of people.”

The podcast will feature leaders in their fields and upcoming topics include conversations/discussions on  altruism in venture capital, the history of how leadership ended off track, the myths and misconceptions of professions, women and minorities who break the mold, athletics and leadership, how attachment theory impacts the way people respond to change and the trauma of being an intelligence officer. Other upcoming topics will include coming out as LGBTQ+ in the workplace, leading across generations, modern-day slavery in the global supply chain, the challenges of people analytics and the elements of organizational culture that impair police reform.

Jayson is a leadership development consultant, executive coach and mental health coach. He has run Goose Creek since he founded it in 2010. Jayson is also a former reporter at The New York Times who was responsible for a scandal that took down his career and rocked the profession of journalism. Since the scandal in 2003, Jayson has dedicated his life to helping others live better lives, avoid the mistakes he made, and recover from their own life challenges.

Episodes will be released every week on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, CastBox, Overcast, Pandora, Pockets and on an RSS feed you can use in your favorite podcast app. You can subscribe the podcast at

“This is something that we have been talking about for a long time and after years of resisting the idea, I found great inspiration in the fact that I am driven to help people and the podcast can be another weapon in our arsenal to help more people and help them better.”

About The Silver Linings Handbook

Join Jayson Blair as he interviews newsmakers, experts and regular people on topics that have to do with psychology in the workplace. We will explore the myths, misconceptions, and truths to help build better leaders and promote fulfillment in this important part of our lives. We’ll take a scientific and evidence-based approach and avoid pop psychology or simplistic views of people in the places they work. You can find out more about the podcast and subscribe at

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