Hogan Assessments: Bright Side, Dark Side, Inside Podcast Series

Goose Creek’s Brittney Lawhorn, Kristina Ralph and Matt Florence just finished a podcast series the Hogan Assessments that focus on the Bright Side of Personality, the Dark Side of Personality, the Inside and the value of building strategic self-awareness to foster change. The podcast, hosted by Goose Creek’s Jayson Blair, focuses on psychology and the workplace.

Goose Creek uses the Hogan Assessments for career development, to develop high-potential leaders and to assist senior leaders in building an understanding about how they are perceived by others and how to get alone and get ahead when it comes to their goals and drivers.

Find out more in each of these bonus episodes of The Silver Linings Handbook podcast below about how the Hogan Assessments can help you, your teams and your organization.

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