May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

During May, we observe Mental Health Awareness Month, a time where we raise attention to the mental health issues that about one fourth of all Americans will suffer from in their lifetime.
Sadly, there is a stigma associated with mental health that keeps people from seeking treatment. Organizations like the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (, the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance ( and the National Alliance on Mental Illness ( are very successful at sponsoring events in order to raise awareness and remove this stigma and encourage sufferers to seek treatment. This support often comes from people that have already suffered tragedy and loss and are reaching out to keep others from the same experience. National Mental Health Awareness month is about reaching out to prevent those who have not suffered from doing so needlessly.

This is a great time to focus on wellness. Wellness is about being rounded, mentally, physically, and emotionally. One of the best tools that can be utilized to maintain this state of wellness is establishing a community of support. There are many resources available for establishing these communities. Places such as the Depression Bipolar Support Alliance-Northern Virginia (, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (, as well as the Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorders of Northern Virginia ( are great places to find people and support groups in the area. There are also government resources that can be found through the local counties to provide low cost services. The Fairfax county (, Prince William county (, and Loudoun county ( services can provide help for anything from mental health and wellness to referrals to homeless shelters. Goose Creek Consulting has many programs available as well, offering services, such as wellness coaching, mental health coaching, career coaching, psychiatry, groups, and diagnostic testing services, that are available to assist and support in the path to wellness and recovery. These and many other resources are out there to ensure that those who are suffering have outreach programs available. If you or a loved one is suffering from a condition like mental illness and do not know where to turn, please look at Goose Creek Consulting’s website under the resources section ( We at Goose Creek Consulting wish you good health and wellness.

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