Preparing students with ADHD for College

USA Today presents an interesting take on the reasons many students with ADHD and ADD flounder when they head off to college.  This report contracts a body of research that students with other types of learning disabilities often perform much better in college than those with ADHD and ADD.

Children with ADHD and ADD often have average-to-high-average IQs, but their performance tends to be below their potential. The reason for the lack of success in college is that ADHD and ADD are both disorders of inattention and/or hyperactivity, but also primarily disorders of executive functioning that lead to students making more poor choices because of impulsive decisions, poor time management, disorganization and other executive functioning factors.

More alternatives for students with ADHD and ADD exist, including special colleges for people with ADHD or ADD bridge gap year programs that allow students to take more time to prepare for college and action-oriented, practical coping skills options available at Goose Creek Coaching.

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