Resume Writing and Interview Skills Seminars

Goose Creek Consulting and our expert career coach, Patricia Rinaldi , are providing career coaching seminars that work on improving your interview skills and resume to get you the job you want. Patricia Rinaldi is a creative, results-oriented, consultative talent strategy professional. Who has a strong track record of providing exceptional service and dedication to guiding professionals through career moves while maintaining an uncompromising focus on customer service and relationship management. The seminars provided are a great opportunity for participants to develop the skills and techniques needed to become successful candidates quickly.
In the resume writing seminar Patricia works with you whether you are someone who is just starting out writing their resume, or someone whose resume needs a little improvement. During this seminar, Patricia works with you to not only build a resume using the best language and emphasizing the most impressive aspects of your past job history, but to most effectively put your resume into circulation, utilizing your own personal network as well as resources that are out there. The resume you will create will present a professional image to potential employers. 
Job interviews can be terrifying to even the most experienced people. Trying to sell yourself to potential employers can be nerve-wracking and scary, but it doesn’t have to be. In the interview-preparation seminar Patricia works with you to help you feel in control of the interview. Also she helps you to make the best first impression you can. Patricia also works with you on the important parts of an interview that are often left to last, or forgotten, such as the initial research that should be done into a company, and then negotiating your salary after receiving the job offer.
In serving as a career coach, Patricia aids and advises each client on how to effectively conduct a job search, including resume preparation, developing a personal job search strategy, providing market information on the client’s targeted industry and setting up informational interviews through the networking process. Her success lies in her ability to approach each client as an individual and gear the assistance to meet his or her needs. 
Seminars run at various times May 6th and 7th, and spaces are limited so sign up today .

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