Treatment of ADHD in Children

Having a child with ADHD can be frustrating and exhausting. Treatment options do exist and can greatly improve the life of both parents and children with this disorder. Coaching is one option to be considered. This article provides some much needed guidance.

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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can take quite a toll on both the adults and the child who has the disorder. It’s tough for the individual who must cope with daily frustrations. It’s rough on family members whose lives are regularly disrupted by the disorganization, outbursts, temper tantrums or other misbehavior of the child.   It’s normal for parents to feel helpless and confused about the best ways to handle their child in these situations. Because kids with ADHD do not purposely decide to act up or not pay attention, traditional discipline — like spanking, yelling at, or calmly trying to reason with your son or daughter — usually doesn’t work. Fortunately there are treatment options that can help alleviate the symptoms of ADHD and arm families with the tools needed to better handle problem behaviors when they arise.

These interventions include:
  • Medication
  • Psychotherapy
  • Or a combination of these two approaches


Used properly, medicines such as methylphenidate hydrochloride (Ritalin) and other stimulants help suppress and regulate impulsive behavior. They squelch hyperactivity, improve social interactions and help people with ADHD concentrate, enabling them to perform better in school and at work….

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