Work and Life: A Balancing Act

Other individuals may experience dissatisfaction with where they are in their career, earnings, or earning potential. Perhaps they feel satisfied within their relationships and engage in their interests and activities, however, they do not feel fulfilled with their current career or job. Some individuals feel they did not obtain the “right” degree for them and may have been influenced by others to pursue a certain career path. Some individuals feel they should have continued their education to be able to obtain the jobs they desire. Others may feel they are on the career path for them, but their current job is not fulfilling all of their needs. If we are not satisfied with our jobs, we may feel stressed, anxious, angry, or sadness about their current job or career. These thoughts and feelings could be an indication that you may want to adjust the energy and time you put into your career path.
If any of the above sentiments resonate with you, you may be ready to make some adjustments to your work-life balance. Sometimes this could seem overwhelming to do alone. Maybe you do not know how to shift your priorities or you do not know where to start. Maybe you need someone to hold you accountable to make changes. A career coach or life coach could help you identify where the discomfort is within your work-life balance, help you uncover where you truly want to spend your time and energy, and help you identify how to begin making those changes. A career or life coach can hold you accountable for the changes you want to make in your life and be a strong support along the way. For more information about how a career or life coach can help you, call us at 703-574-6271 ext. 1, or visit our website.

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